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Favorite character meme ★ [2/6] quotes

some girls are just jerks. like that chick at the store yesterday, did i deserve that? no. but did i take her shit? no way. cause i’m better than that and so are you. nobody fucks with the gallaghers.

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If you won’t sing in the car with me when we drive, we can’t be friends

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mr. & mrs. milkovich + their cute pet names for each other ♥ 

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Anonymous asked: I would take pleasure in watching terry in pain, ripping on his toe and finger nails and shoving then down his throat, tie him up and pull his teeth out and let them loose so he can gurgle and choke on them, tie him up and skin him with a potato peeler and fry them, clog up with mouth so he can only breathe in and out of his nose so he can smell his flesh burning