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Beneath the City of Light lies an Empire of the Dead.

As Above/So Below. In theaters August 29.

in the flesh character + name meanings

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walker, kieren // #saveintheflesh

"…But all of a sudden something’s different, you feel the wind on the tips of your fingers. And the rain. Because before that you’re not really sure where you are. But now you know. And you’re pushing through. And then all this stuff at once- …the moon. And this incredible storm blowing, and the church bell ringing midnight, and just standing there, nobody else around and all of it pushing into me…

That feeling. It’s what being born must be like. Except you’ve got context. Because honestly, dead… (shaking head ‘doesn’t compare’) Everything up to then was fear. Everything, even when I was alive, different levels of fear. But then it’s gone. And you’re like that: ‘Yeah, come on. Give it to me. Fill me up.’ …But I tell you what Gary, this hunger. This appetite. I could not wait to get started.”

My favorite childhood movie ever

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